Time Flies Pt 2 (2005-2009)

This is part 2 of the Time Flies mix series. I recorded part 1 in 2010, and finally got around to doing part 2.

2005-2009 was a special period in DnB for me personally. I feel like the music really changed a lot (whether it's to your taste or not - I loved it). The quality of production started coming on leaps and bounds, and a lot of these records still hold up.

Picking what would go in this mix wasn't easy, and a lot of amazing music didn't make it. As in the first part, this is just a snapshot of what I was playing out at the time, and some of my favourites.


Track list:


Sparfunk & Joe Solo - Rapture

Pendulum - Slam

Cyantific feat. Diane Charlemagne - Don’t Follow 

Matrix & Futurebound - Strength 2 Strength  

Sub Focus - X-Ray

Influx UK - Shine

DJ Zinc - Fair Fight (Friction remix)

Q Project - Greatest Thing

Sub Focus - Juno


Moving Fusion - Mysterons (Baron remix)

Commix - Cambridge Hardcore

Marky & Bungle - No Time To Love

Sub Focus - Airplane

Cyantific & Matrix - Cover Story

Die & Clipz - Black Doves

TC feat. Jakes - Deep

Fresh - Nervous (Sub Focus remix)

Chase & Status - The Druids


Culture Shock - Vice Chase

Chase & Status - Hurt You 

Matrix & Futurebound - American Beauty

Sub Focus - Druggy 

TC - Game Over

Commix - Electric

TC & Sub Focus - Borrowed Time

Sigma - El Presidente 


Brookes Brothers & Futurebound - Dawn Treader 

Hazard - Killers Don’t Die

Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (The Upbeats remix)

Break - Destiny Comes Ringing

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Can You Feel It

Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

Noisia - Diplodocus


Logistics - Murderation

Camo & Krooked The Reward

Noisia - Deception 

Lomax - Avon Calling

Sub Focus - Follow The Light

Noisia - Stigma

Cyantific - Empty Streets