Cyantific FM 042

Xmas special time. I decided to record an hour long special featuring some of my favourite tunes from 1998. It was a vintage year, and one I bought a lot of records in as a fan. Enjoy!




Track list:

Rachid - Charade (Grooverider remix)

Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix remix)

Scorpio - Li Li

Ed Rush & Optical - Compound

Grooverider - Where’s Jack The Ripper

Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code

Optical & Fierce - Side Effect

John B - Travelogue

Ed Rush & Optical - Slip Thru

Shy FX - Bambaata

Moving Fusion - Turbulence

Ed Rush & Optical - Fixation

Jonny L - See Red

Fortran - Sardines

Scorpio - Trouble

Jonny L - Wish U Had Something (Jonny L remix)

Optical - To Shape The Future (remix)

Photek - Knitevision

Grooverider - Imagination

Dillinja - Hard Noize

Jonny L - Viper feat. Optical

Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion

Ed Rush & Optical - K-Wire

Breakbeat Era - Breakbeat Era

Adam F - Brand New Funk

Reprazent - Watching Windows (Die remix)

Souljah - Fade 2 Black

Jonny L - In Vain