Tips for Musicians

1. Letting go of the outcome


Sit down and just create without judging what comes out. You will make a lot more music, most of it won’t be music you want to finish, but there will be some gems in there. In turn this will make you a better producer. It’s near impossible to judge the quality of creative work whilst you’re creating it, you need to step back to get an objective view on it.


Getting caught up in how something sounds, leads you down a path of analysis, which is the opposite of being creative. I know I’ve spent many sessions working on a bass sound before I even have a good melody to play with it. I’d get frustrated after a while and close the project. It’s like trying to build a house roof-first, or sand down a marble statue while it’s still just a block of marble. 


Even though it’s dance music we’re talking about, whatever you make is a song first and foremost. A song needs to have something more to it than sound design alone to evoke any sort of emotion in your listener. To get to that your focus should just be on creating as freely as possible.


I hope this helps,



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